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Unlocking value throughout the global mining, metals and fertilizer industries

Sound decision making is critical to creating value among the mining, metals and fertiliser industries, as well as their supply chains and customers. However, this can be challenging in practice given the complex and ever evolving commodity market and commercial conditions which decision markers face.

Through cutting edge data and independent insight – delivered from across our global network of mining strategy experts – CRU Consulting enables clients to look beyond “noisy” market signals and really understand the underlying trends and their business critical implications. This enables them to successfully anticipate key structural changes and avoid group think.

Whether seeking to test the resilience of corporate commodity strategies, make more informed portfolio decisions, or optimise sales and marketing activities, CRU Mining Consultancy provide industry leading decision support which draws on our rich industry knowledge, client centric approach, and unparalleled technical experience and data.

Here’s a snapshot of the ways in which CRU Consulting can help you navigate complex range of strategic and market decision:

Market strategy and entry support

We leverage our unique understanding and perspective of commodity market fundamentals to provide unparalleled guidance to management teams seeking to maximise profitability from sales and marketing functions. With our recent acquisition of Exawatt, we also have more tools to provide essential insights for energy transition strategies. Whether seeking to enter a market, launch a new product, or determine realise full value in though more effective sales and marketing decisions, our team of experts are on hand to help.

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Risk analysis and stress testing

We provide cutting edge technical and managerial support to help identify and mitigate potentially unseen risks to your business. Our transparent and data drive methodologies – including in scenario development and evaluation, interpretation and tracking services – enable Boards and management teams to better understand emergent risks and opportunities and develop coherent, resilient and agile strategies.

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Growth and diversification planning

Effective portfolio decisions are central to value creation in the mining, metals and fertilizer industries. But the development of objective, data driven growth plans are often challenging to execute given the risk of information gaps as well as internal biases and group think. Working in partnership with key stakeholders, CRU Consulting provide independent support for actionable portfolio and diversification strategies based on rigorous evaluation methodologies.

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Structured M&A search and target selection

The M&A transaction process is typically highly resource intensive for both acquirer and the target, and often fails to deliver the promised benefits. It is therefore essential that the deal has sound commercial logic, helps deliver on the client’s strategy and is readily communicable to shareholders and stakeholders alike. CRU Consulting works with clients to identify targets and evaluate their strategic fit against key clear and independently validated criteria, using our proprietary market data and primary research skills to deliver actionable results.

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