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CRU’s Nickel services include market analysis and forecasts, price assessments and cost services, providing you with a global view of the latest nickel industry news and its relationship to other base metals.

CRU’s market analysis gives an in-depth examination of supply, demand, trade and prices of nickel worldwide. We offer a five-year forecast on production, consumption, market balance, prices and stainless steel output.

Our price assessments for nickel cover premia in Europe, North America and Asia, supported by regular updates on how market events are affecting prices. We also provide a weekly assessment of the nickel sulphate price in China. CRU’s robust and transparent methodology allows you to rely on our prices.

As part of the Nickel Market Outlook, we also provide three supplementary reports:

  • Nickel sulphate: The nickel sulphate supplement provides a supply/demand balance for the next five years and a price forecast for nickel sulphate. This report is provided on an annual basis.
  • Battery Metals Market Outlook: Alongside analysis of key themes in the battery markets, it provides a forecast for automotive sales by powertrain, battery chemistries and a database of global precursor, cathode and battery manufacturers. This is updated on a half-yearly basis.
  • Long-term outlook:  Looking at the nickel supply gap in the long-term and what nickel price is required to bring new capacity to the market. This is report provided on an annual basis. We offer a comprehensive cost service for nickel, with an independent breakdown of production costs for nickel sulphide and laterite operations. Our insights into the Chinese market examine costs for 100% of production.

Our analysts are recognised as world experts on nickel and related commodities and can be contacted directly to share industry knowledge and discuss market developments in more depth.


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LME suspends nickel trading


LME suspends nickel trading

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  • Nikhil Shah | CRU Principal Analyst

    Nikhil Shah

    Principal Analyst
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