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A data driven approach to policy and regulatory analysis….

The mining, metals, and fertilizer value chains are critical to economic development across many countries. These sectors are commonly a major source of tax and export revenues, employment and are broader enablers of key development goals such as industrialisation and urbanisation.

Our value chains are often under the sharp focus of policy makers, not least given the complex economic, societal, governance and environmental issues which they present. However, effective commodity and mining policy development and implementation is often particularly challenging, not least given the complex interactions between public policies and these industries, and the often opaque nature of the natural resources sectors.

CRU Consulting enable more informed policy development and implementation, drawing on its unique combination of data, independent value chain expertise and knowledge of the complex linkages which exist between different public policies, industry decision making and broader economic, environmental and societal outcomes.

We have supported numerous national and state level governments, international financial institutions, parastatal entities and independent policy researchers to make more informed commodity policy decisions and analysis, spanning both resource exporting and importing jurisdictions in the Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa as well as Asia and Australasia.
Here’s a snapshot of the ways in which CRU Consulting can help:

Fiscal policy, revenue and pricing analysis

We provide cutting edge, independent tax policy analysis including evaluation, benchmarking and risk analysis around government take and revenue forecasts. We help limit revenue risks on behalf of finance and mining ministries as well as tax administrators, including through the provision of robust transfer arms0length pricing advice, tools and methodologies.

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Sector strategy & industrial policy

Ambitions for the size and economic contribution of the natural resources sectors are sometimes not realised in practice. We diagnose key barriers and enablers to sector expansion, develop detailed and executable action plans and road maps for sector and broader industrial development based on a comprehensive understanding of the linkages between policy and investor decision making.

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Policy and economic impact assessments

We understand the linkages between public policy and industry outcomes. Our cutting edge assessment methodologies are used by policy makers around the world to both assess the case for policy intervention and to inform detailed design and implementation decisions in a way which takes account of both the key fundamentals of the regulated industries, and broader drivers and uncertainties they are exposed to.

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Investment promotion and attractiveness

Successful attraction of FDI is critical to expansion of the capital intensive mining, metals and fertilizer industries. We support mining and commerce ministries, resource producers and trade facilitation agencies with targeted communications, prospectuses and outreach programmes, which build help confidence among investors. Our clients benefit from CRU Consulting’s extensive network, market visibility and reputation for providing high quality, independent due diligence and risk analysis.

Capacity development and negotiation support

When it comes to effective policy development and implementation, capabilities, systems and tools matter among regulators and public agencies. Whether it’s a review of institutional systems and practices, meeting specific skills development and training needs, or broader negotiation support with producers or off-takers, CRU Consulting is on hand to enhance the capacity of governments and public agencies to meet their organisational goals.

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