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With a team in London and Beijing, CRU brings you robust and detailed lead market analysis and forecasts, price assessments and cost services for lead.

Our market analysis presents an independent view of the global supply and demand balance and regional market developments, bringing you a rounded picture of production, consumption, stock and price forecasts.

CRU’s assessments of premia and scrap prices in selected regions are supported by regular updates on market events and their effect on lead prices.

A key dynamic closely watched by CRU in the lead market is the ‘closed loop’ cycle where batteries, this metal’s dominant use, subsequently fail to be recycled in one of the most efficient circular systems of any metal.

We also offer a comprehensive cost service for lead and other base metals which gives detailed cost breakdowns for 100% of global supply, including Chinese coverage. CRU’s cost service helps users gain an in-depth understanding of the industry cost structure, to rank projects against each other, investigate potential investment opportunities, and conduct accurate strategic planning.

CRU analysts are at the heart of the service we provide. For unique lead market intelligence, engage directly with us to discuss industry developments in more depth.


  • Lead Concentrates
  • Lead Mining
  • Lead Scrap
  • Refined Lead


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  • Neil Hawkes | CRU Principal Analyst

    Neil Hawkes

    Principal Analyst
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    Senior Analyst
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    Craig Lang

    Principal Analyst
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    Principal Analyst, Base Metals Supply

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