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CRU’s Market Outlooks and Cost Services provide a medium-term market and cost curve analysis service across steel and steelmaking raw material commodity markets.

Market Outlooks are tailored to individual commodities and offer historical and forecast prices, analysis of market developments and a comprehensive historical and projected market data service. Most Market Outlooks publish a full report every three months with updates and insights published more frequently. In some markets, we publish a 25-year forecast of demand, supply and prices, either as an appendix to the Market Outlook or as a separate report.

CRU offers cost models, cost curves and cost report services for more than 32 mining, metal and fertilizer commodities.

Our cost experts are based in key mining territories such as Australia, Chile, China, India and North America. We employ economists, metallurgists, geologists, chemists, engineers and mathematicians to operate and develop our cost services.

    • Provides in-depth coverage of the global crude steel industry through over the next five years, as well as annually updated long-term forecasts (until 2035)
    • Analysis and forecasts for consumption and production of finished steel by type of product as well as production of crude steel, hot metal and DRI/HBI
    • Rigorous market analysis for long-term supply, demand and prices for iron ore through to 2035
    • Long term forecast for the DR pellet premium and long term forecasts split by product segment - sinter fines, lump ore, pellet / pellet feed market segments are analysed individually
    • Detailed analysis of the global markets for sinter fines, lump, pellet and pellet feed through the next five years
    • Forecasts for demand, supply and trade on a country-by-country basis, alongside our expectations for key prices and freight rates through the five-year forecast period
    • Comprehensive coverage of the global industry cost structure for the mining and production of iron ore fines, lump, pellet feed and pellets for the years 2006-2025
    • Detailed analysis and benchmarking for 337 iron ore mines and projects around the world - including over 96% of global production - with a user-friendly and flexible Cost Model
    • Analysis and forecasts in demand, supply, trade and prices for all major countries and regions around the world
    • An in-depth examination of the global markets for steel scrap, pig iron and DRI/HBI through to 2021
    • Utilises the expertise of CRU’s analysts in London, Beijing, Mumbai and the US in order to examine in detail the metallurgical coal industry through to 2035
    • Long term price forecasts using CRU’s unique Compass Methodology
    • Examination of the global market for metallurgical coal prices through the five years
    • Analysis of the current market situation and detailed five-year forecasts for supply, demand, trade and prices in all major countries and regions worldwide
    • Coverage of the global industry cost structure for the mining and production of metallurgical coal including 378 mines and projects around the world - including 100% China coverage
    • Analyses all major regions and countries worldwide and our forecasts for the Global metallurgical coke market to 2021
    • In-depth and global examination of latest developments and five-year forecasts for all steel long products markets: Rebar, Merchant bar, Wire rod, Beams, Rail, Seamless tube, pipe and Billet
    • Includes price forecasts for key regions, plus our expectations for demand, supply and trade on a country-by-country basis
    • Provides a forecast of plate consumption, production and prices five years ahead, with the first two years (and all 5 years for prices) broken out by quarter
    • Consumption and production are detailed separately for reversing mill plate and for strip or Steckel mill plate. Price forecasts are for heavy gauge plate (10-50mm or 3/8-2”).CRU's demand forecasting model projects consumption for the following end-use categories: Construction; Line pipe, Offshore, Shipbuilding, Heavy engineering, Transport and other end-uses
    • Presents historical data and five year forecasts of production, consumption, net trade and prices for hot-rolled, cold-rolled and galvanized steel sheet
    • Monthly updated price forecasts covering the markets of: US domestic; German domestic; Far East import and Chinese domestic markets
    • Coverage of the global steel industry and CRU's independent view of the cost structures for the production of semi-finished products, flat products and long products for the years 2006-2020
    • Standalone Steel Cost Profiles provide a one-page overview of each steelmaking operation, highlighting key cost drivers, production volumes and cost curve position in 2015
    • CRU's Thermal Coal Market Outlook analyses the global seaborne thermal coal market, identifying key supply and demand market fundamentals
    • It complements the CRU Thermal Coal Cost Service by pulling together research and analysis to show industry costs and profitability by major supplying region
    • Detailed analysis and benchmarking for over 500 mines and projects around the world
    • The user-friendly and flexible Cost Model, also includes 100% coverage for Chinese production

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