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We want all our candidates to have a postive experience throughout every stage of the recruitment process.

We keep up the momentum throughout the process, aim to communicate with you regularly and remain flexible around your availability.

Going through the interview process also means meeting key people in the business. This helps you build a picture of what it would be like to work at CRU. We welcome all questions that could help you make the right decision.

The recruitment process varies slightly for each role and location, but the key steps below are a broad outline.

Step one: Application
The candidate submits a CV to CRU in response to a job posting.

We also welcome speculative applications, so if you cannot find a suitable opportunity, please submit your CV and covering letter to us through our online portal.

Step two: Pre-qualification assessment
For some roles such as Research Analyst roles, we have a pre-qualification step which is usually a timed analytical test assessing data reports or spreadsheets. In this pre-assessment, we are looking to determine how you analyse information and communicate your arguments. The test will usually be emailed to you so it can be completed at a time that suits you.

Step three: First round interview
The first interview will often be by telephone. The focus will be an overview of your background, skills and professional experience.

In this interview, we also look at cultural fit which is as important at CRU as the technical aspects of the role.

In some locations, initial interviews may also be conducted via Skype before you are invited for face to face interviews.

Step four: Further interviews and targeted assessment
You will have further meetings and interviews with the manager and other business representatives. This may be a series of one-to-one meetings or may be in the form of a panel interview. The interviews at this stage will focus on your expertise and technical skills in much more depth to determine how closely you match the requirements of the role.

At this stage in the process you may also be asked to undertake additional assessment activities, which could include a presentation or preparing a relevant business plan. These assessments are targeted specifically to the role and are a vital part of the process that enable you to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in practice.

Step five: Job offer and on-boarding 
At the end of the recruitment process, a successful candidate will receive a job offer.

Shortly after this, you will be contacted by your future manager and by your CRU ‘buddy’ who will help you get to know the office environment. You will be given access to the CRU online portal where life at CRU begins. From the earliest point, we will communicate with you to provide the information you need to jump right in to your new role from day one. The focus of your first day will be meeting people and becoming familiar with your job.

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