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John Johnson is a well-known expert on the global metals and mining industry, having been researching and consulting on these industries for over 30 years.

He is also an authority on China, where he resides today, and his views on the Chinese and global metals and mining industry are sought by executives around the world.

At CRU, John has held senior research positions in both non-ferrous and ferrous metals. After starting his career as a Shipping Economist, John started his CRU career as a Senior Consultant in Aluminium (1989-2004) and was Steel Research Manager in London between 1994-2004. In 2000, John was responsible for founding and developing the CRU Steel Price Index (CRUspi), which has now become a leading global benchmark for steel pricing.

In 2004, he was appointed as CRU’s Manager in China and has been located in Beijing ever since building relations with leading Chinese metals and mining companies & associations, as well being responsible for CRU’s rapid growth in China and contributing to research & consultancy projects. John provides regular insights for clients and presents at leading global conferences on China’s commodity markets and has conducted many assignments for Chinese companies investing overseas and for Non-Chinese companies wanting to know more about China. He is a Committee Member and Director of the Global Mining Association of China (GMAC).

John is learning Mandarin and manages a growing China presence for CRU Group, with more than 35 consultants located in Beijing and Shanghai. He has a degree in Chinese Politics and Economics from York University and MA in Economics.

Articles from our industry expert


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On March 11, the National People’s Congress formally approved China’s 14th Five Year Plan (FYP) – a roadmap for economic development over the next five years.

19 March 2021   
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How quickly will China return to some normality?

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