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Join CRU's weekly emissions webinar series, featuring live Q&A with industry leading analysts and consultants. 

Reducing emissions is among the top priorities of organizations around the world, leaving challenges and questions along with new opportunities. Get answers now to existing and emerging questions by joining our webinar series. 

The sessions feature weekly themes and panelists, with the option to submit your anonymous questions live or in advance. Sessions air on Wednesdays and times vary. (please note time zones)

Why attend:

  • Real-time insights and discussions addressing the questions only CRU can answer
  • Find out what is on the minds of market stakeholders across the supply chain
  • Drive the discussion and steer themes for future sessions with your questions and input

Watch the series on demand 

Session 1: Finding opportunity in a world with carbon border taxes

Session 2: Emissions in aluminium smelting & impact of carbon pricing initiatives

Session 3: Pathway to low CO2 - Insight into how the steel industry can decarbonise

Session 4: Carbon emissions across the aluminium value chain & border tax implications

Session 5: Hunting for emissions reduction opportunities across the steel value chain

Session 6: Metal and mining decarbonisation & the impact of policy

Session 7: CRU Emissions Q&A - What has been surprising us?


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Host Lavan Mahadeva

Research Director View profile

Speaker Martin Jackson

Analyst View profile

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