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Quality data and transparency are vital to commodity sector sustainability. To help the global economy transition towards a zero-carbon future, CRU has partnered with industry associations and sustainability leaders to deliver necessary visibility to commodity value chains. 

Recognising the need for transparency and reliable emissions data and analysis, industry associations have partnered with CRU to incorporate an additional layer of data into an interactive emissions analysis and benchmarking tool.

Our Partners

CRU and our strategic partners share a commitment to enhancing transparency and understanding of commodities sector emissions in an effort to achieve a zero-carbon economy and 1.5°C future. Click on the association logo below to read more about our partnership. 

ASI and CRU partner to promote aluminium sector sustainability  ResponsibleSteel’s Standard incorporated into CRU’s Emissions Analysis Tool  

Interested in becoming a partner? 

CRU's Emissions Analysis Tool provides transparency to commodities sector emissions with the incorporation of industry certification details. 

The tool enables customers, investors and other stakeholders to easily identify association certified assets and make educated decisions. Quality emissions and costs data allows for better understanding of a sector's emissions landscape. Being able to assess, compare, and calculate value chain emissions with flexibility and visibility to high level to asset and process level details allows our clients and partners to accelerate their sustainability journey.

Our supporters

CRU's emissions and costs data is trusted by our partners and industry leaders. Supported by independent, high-quality data and analysis, the Emissions Analysis Tool is helping our clients lead the transition to net zero emissions.

  • Anglo American
  • Alcoa
  • Alumina Ltd.
  • Aluminerie Alouette
  • Constellium
  • Emirates Global Aluminium (EGA)
  • Glencore
  • ING (Read the press release)
  • Norsk Hydro
  • Sumitomo Corporation
  • Vale
  • Voestalpine AG

Join industry leaders invested in a sustainable future. Get in touch to learn more about the Emissions Analysis Tool and make an immediate impact in your company's sustainability journey. 

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